Azamay ceased trading on 11/5/2016 and the location has been taken over by new management. Click here to be redirected.

Please note Dr Pamela Porras-Benito has no connection with the new ownership and has left the practice prior to 15/5/2016.

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” I left my dentist of 10 years for Azamay because Azamay was everything my former practise wasn’t professional, polite and pain free zone”.”

Will, Hadley Wood


” I found out about Azamay through a google search and how happy I am that I did. I started using the Obagi Nu Derm system and within 6-8 weeks, my skin was transformed to a brighter, clearer and younger looking skin – I have invested lots on good skincare in the past but nothing compares to these products – nobody can believe I’m 49 yrs old! I also paid for 6 IPL treatments on my chest/decolletage as I was quite badly sun-damaged here and after the 6 treatments, one a month, the results are fantastic, the skin looks clearer and far less wrinkled. Pigmentation has also diminished. I will carry on with this treatment once every 3 months as recommended. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and professional and I will continue to recommend Azamay to my friends “

Love, Karen x


“As a woman with sensitive skin who has had her fair share of parties and sunshine, I can honestly say Azamay has turned my skin around! The products are not only clearly well researched, but knowledgeable advice has prevented me revisiting that well trodden road of buying yet another skin product that doesn’t suit me. Thank you for simplifying and beautifying!”

Lianne, Oxford


“I use SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic, Phyto +, Sun Defense SPF30 and Eye Renewal gel. I previously used Crème de la Mer – still use some. My skin is now well hydrated, with hyper pigmented areas since pregnancy. My pigmentation has broken down with colour faded much clearer, more even tone, brightness greatly improved and an all over much better look to the skin. Fantastic! You can actually see the difference with these products with continued use. They do what they say they do and over time you can see it. Phyto + is a fantastic product. I think there are so many products on the market all claiming to do wonderful things one never knows just what is the best product for oneself. I’ve bought products in the past especially for the pigmentation claiming that they will clear my skin yet not one has until now. SkinCeuticals is the first range of products that have done what they say they will. I really think they are fabulous and the fact that you can have peels, facials and therapists continually helping you with your skin’s needs, really works with me. I use these products and enjoy the results they are giving me. Thank you.”

Debra, 45, Harrogate


” God sent Azamay! Every treatment I have at Azamay is amazing, the staff are the best part of the experience. They truly know their stuff and have transformed my skin”.

Athina, Cockfosters


” I experienced laser skin rejuvenation! I am forever indebted and will fully recommend the treatment to anyone who wants to look younger and feel better about themselves FAST!

Kerrie, St Albans


“Thank You Dr Coombs! My outlook regarding anti-aging treatments has been completely reversed and I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am by the results you provided!!”

Sue, Enfield


” My entire appearance was changed so dramatically by laser hair removal treatments. I feel most compelled to convey my appreciation”

Mr J. , Southgate