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Skeyndor Spa Treatments

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Skeyndor is based on 38 years of research resulting in an advanced skin care range formulated using only biotechnological, marine and plant ingredients. This is a results driven product using patented ingredients to provide the highest quality in advanced and leading edge skin and body treatments, supplied only through spas and beauty salons. The Skeyndor range is designed to repair damaged skin, balance problem skin and encourage the skins natural defences to work at optimum levels throughout a person’s life. These products will also support pre and post operative care to ensure the maximum benefits from these treatments.

 Skeyndor was founded in 1966 in Terrassa, a prosperous town 20 kilometres North of Barcelona.After 38 years experience, Skeyndor is present in 5 continents, 24 countries and more than 11,000 beauty salons, being ranked among top 15 famous professional cosmetic brand names in the world.


Treatment menu


Platinum Intensive Lifting Facial                   

A treatment designed to resculpt the muscles of the face. A lifting facial that gives immediate and spectacular results to leave the skin firmer, refreshed and with a more youthful appearance.



Radiance Renewal Facial                               

State of the art micro-exfoliating treatment that combines the effects of physical peeling and firming. Improving skin texture, generating new skin and reducing acne scarring. Refines the pores, excellent anti-ageing treatment.



Lift Vitamin C Facial                                     

Ideal pre-holiday treatment, improves the appearance of the skin using Pure Vitamin C. Instantly boosting leaving the skin glowing. Oranges and Kiwi Fruit are the main ingredients. Also a good treatment to regulate Melanin production.




Aquatherm Facial                                             

This calming facial is for skin that is easily reactive, prone to redness and blemishes. Using spring waters from the French Pryeness, pH balance of the skin is restored. Leaving the skin refreshed and calm.



Platinum Eye & Lip                                    

A treatment for the delicate eye and lip area. Due to this area ageing so rapidly, Skeyndor have created this unique treatment to remove dark circles, puffiness and restore collagen levels to the eyes and lips. The results speak for themselves.



Essential Mini Facial                                    

A deep moisturising treatment, the skin is cleansed and refined. Skin tone and texture are restored using clay, giving the skin immediate radiance.



Bespoke Medi Facial                                     

Customised facial tailored to your skin needs. Includes steam and extractions if necessary.




Treatments for Men


Skeyndor Intense Hydrating Facial                  

(For dehydrated skins)

Treatment begins with a deep tissue exfoliation, followed by a destressing massage which provides an intense hydrating effect. Micro-massage, drainage, neck and shoulder massage removes toxins. A Titanium peeling mask fortifies the skin. Skin is renewed, refreshed and intensely hydrated.



Skeyndor Express Energizing Facial               

(For tired or stressed skins)

Treatment begins with a deep tissue exfoliation followed by the application of a deep moisturising complex focusing on the eye and lip area. Pressure point massage aids drainage and relieves tension. Leaves skin feeling completely revitalized whilst maintaining the skins natural balance.