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Lip enhancement with new Restylane for Lips

June 20, 2014

Lip enhancement with new Restylane for Lips

Created on 02/09/13 by fatma_shaheen

 Add softness, smoothness and restore your lips natural hydrobalance. Designed specifically to revitalise lips, Restylane Lip Refresh is one of two new additions to the Restylane skinbooster range for lip treatment.

We would also like to introduce  a new design for lip augmentation using Restylane with lidocaine. Developed by Dr Bob Khanna available at Azamay,  this is a  technique that recreatesa  natural, heart shaped appearance. Heart Lips™ is aimed at women who desire a more voluptuous, more feminine, yet beautifully natural look. For more details call 020 8449 6858 or e-mail


Beautiful Natural looking lips like Monica Belluci

Monica belluci

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