Azamay ceased trading on 11/5/2016 and the location has been taken over by new management. Click here to be redirected.

Please note Dr Pamela Porras-Benito has no connection with the new ownership and has left the practice prior to 15/5/2016.

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Laser/IPL Acne Treatment

Clear your face of those unwanted pimples and blemishes with the newest state-of-the-art treatment using our Intense Pulsed Light and Laser System. With just a few short, convenient sessions our treatments are able to significantly and quickly clear current acne breakouts as well as reduce and limit future breakouts.

Acne forms when sebum (skin oil) and bacteria become trapped in follicles in the skin. Blemishes appear when these oils prevent the skin from naturally shedding which may be in the form of white heads, blackheads, pimples or cysts. Severe cases of acne will often leave indentations or scars on the skin.

At Azamay we are able to treat acne in two ways. First, the light is absorbed by the bacteria, which kills the bacteria and clears the current flare of acne. Second, the light works to shrink the sebaceous oil glands that produce the sebum in the skin. This results in reduced flow of sebum, pore size is minimised, and future outbreaks of acne are dramatically decreased. The treatments are quick and painless, Azamay offers a comprehensive treatment to clear your skin of acne.