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Green Tea AbdomenTreatment

Experience this non-invasive colonic treatment that has a dual action that treats both the internal digestive system and firms the skin on the outside. You are left looking firm and feeling relieved of tension and bloating. This natural peel off mask contains Green Tea, Seaweed and Alginate which has extraordinary capacity to reduce excess liquids combined with a unique massage. Perfect before a big event, holiday or for those suffering with common abdominal problems.

Press & TV Coverage: 

Channel 4- Supersize Vs Superskinny
Journalist Anna Richardson tests Gerard’s Green Tea Abdomen Treatment in an attempt to drop a dress size on Channel Four’s Supersize v’s Superskinny. The gob-smacked Anna sees her waist measurement drop. Click on ‘view press link’ below to watch, at 5mins 30 into the clip Anna begins her treatment!

Now- Green Tea Abdomen
‘4 Lazy ways to a flat tummy’ “This brand new tummy massaging treatment, which Eva Longoria uses along with Rodial, banishes bloating. Think a tube-free colonic! Your stomach’s massaged with a mixtureof seaweed extract, green tea and essential oils, which reduces water retention.”

Cosmopolitan- Green Tea Abdomen
“Some salon tummy trimmers can leave you thinking you could have saved valuable time- and money- by just eating grapefruits for a day. But not this one. It seems be more effective than others thanks to the firm, systematic massage technique that helps reduce blockages in the colon. Tester compare it to the same amazing “light” feeling and flat stomach you get from colonic irrigation.

Lifelines- Green Tea Abdomen
‘Get the Tummy you deserve’ “Can’t face the thought of stripping off to your bikini this summer because of bloating and water retention? Help is at hand in the form of Gerard’s Green Tea Abdomen Treatment” “As well as relaxing the colon, it reduces fat and cellulite. Skin is buffed, slathered in cream and gel, massaged and enveloped in mask-sheer bliss.” 

Woman&Home- Green Tea Abdomen
Well Being Fix It – Lynn Cardy finds new and natural ways to keep cool this summer THE NATURAL TUMMY TUCK –Gerard’s Green Tea Abdomen Treatment Uses natural Green Tea, Seaweed and essential oils to tighten your tum, Deep exfoliation, hot mitt cleansing, cellulite concentration, massage and hot mask VERDICT? “Brillant”