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24 Hour Emergency Dentist Cockfosters

If you are suffering from severe dental pain, it’s crucial that you get the cause of the problem looked at soon. To do that, you need to visit a dental practice that offers 24 Hour emergency dentist in Cockfosters .

At Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic, we can help with emergency dental services. We can provide our registered patients a same-day emergency dental care service where possible. We also welcome patients for emergency treatment that aren’t registered with us.

The importance of getting emergency dental treatment

The sad truth is some people try to manage dental pain without seeking expert help first. They assume the pain will “go away” and that it’s just a temporary problem. What they fail to realise is their body is telling them something is wrong and needs fixing soon!

Dental pain gets caused by a variety of issues. For example, loose crowns and fillings can cause pain when eating or chewing. Broken and chipped teeth are also further examples. If such matters don’t get treated by professionals, further problems can ensue.

Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic can tackle all kinds of emergency dental work, such as:

Toothaches, abscesses and swelling;
Accidents and oral trauma, including sports injuries to the mouth;
Damaged or broken dentures; and
Loose crowns.

The above is not an exhaustive list of what we do by any means.

Why use Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic?

With so many dental practices available these days, why should patients choose us? One of the reasons people to Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic is because we offer an award-winning service.

We only have skilled and qualified staff on our team, and our aim is to offer an outstanding experience. Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic is one of London’s leading emergency dental services providers.

Our patients can relax in our comfortable and calm surroundings. Our staff use the latest dentistry innovations and technology. The result is we can ensure patients have a swift resolution of dental issues.

Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic offer an emergency dental service to people of all ages. That means we work with both children and adults! Contact us today to find out how we can help, and to book an emergency appointment.

Emergency dental fillings

When we have fillings in our teeth, we expect them to stay in place for life. The thing is: it’s not uncommon for fillings to get dislodged from time to time. For instance, if you bite into a tough piece of food, it could unknowingly “dig” into the filling. If the filling becomes dislodged, it can result in a painful experience for the sufferer.

Some people go through most of their adult life without having any dental work. But, if they damage one of their teeth, it’s likely they may need a filling to fix it.

In both those cases, there’s no reason to “put up” with the pain. Instead, it makes perfect sense to have an emergency dental filling. Especially if the pain becomes unbearable and affects one’s day-to-day life.

Azamay Dental & Skin Clinic provide an emergency dental filling service. Contact us to get yourself an emergency booking.